5 Beauty Tips to Remember During the Summer

faceWomen like to look beautiful throughout the year, and the summer time is no different. You don’t need to break the bank in order to get some good products which will help you to look and feel great, but there are certain products which you should invest in and keep close to you during the warmer months.

Keep your lips beautiful with vaseline

Vaseline is great to use throughout the year, so you might like to keep a little pot of it in your pocket or handbag during the summer. It’s great to use if your lips get a bit dry, and it’s even better for those who tend to get chapped lips. You can buy very small tins of Vaseline in different flavours from most good beauty stores, and they’re not expensive either. You can get original vaseline, vaseline with aloe vera or cocoa butter and many others. When you apply it, you only need to use a little bit, so one tin will last a good few weeks.

Don’t forget the sun cream!

Who can go through the summer without sun cream? If you want to avoid getting burnt when enjoying your time in the sun, invest in a bottle of quality sun cream. Make sure that you get a sun cream which is strong enough for your skin type. One or two bottles will last all the way through the summer time for one person, and keeping away from sun burn will keep you looking beautiful and fresh!

Drink plenty of water

It’s very important to drink lots of water every season, not just through the summer. However, during the warm weather, people can get dehydrated more easily, which makes water even more important. Water keep your skin looking great all the time, and there are many other benefits too, including cleansing your kidneys and helping you lose weight or maintain a good healthy weight.

Keep a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel in your bag

It’s nice if you can keep your hands clean all the time, but it’s not always easy to find a sink and some water to give your hands a scrub. Buying a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel to slip into your handbag is a great idea for the summer, especially if you’re spending time on the beach, on the grass or playing with the dog. Hand gel is a real family essential too, and you can clean the kids’ hands with just a small blob of this product!

You can buy it very cheap in all good supermarkets or bargain stores.

Apply some good foot creams

If you like to spend the summer time doing a lot of walking and exercising, whether it’s jogging to lose weight and keep fit, walking the dog or going for lots of romantic strolls with your partner, you might like to buy a good foot cream or foot lotion to apply. Each night before you go to bed, put some of the foot lotion on the soles of your feet, particularly if you have hard skin or sensitive feet.

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