5 Ways To Enjoy The Summer This Year

Warm weather, spending time with friends and family, lying on the beach, enjoying a barbeque – what could be better? If you don’t have any plans for this summer, read some of these great ideas and get planning for the months ahead! Whether the weather is warm, cold and if you have a family or not, there’s something for everyone.

Summer-All-Year-LongHave a barbecue

Barbeques are great when the sun is shining, and you could invite all your friends to your house and get them to bring along some food and drinks too! If you want it to be a big barbeque, plan it a week or two in advance and start inviting everybody then. Few people will be able to come if you only give them a day’s notice. However, if you have a partner and/or kids, you can spontaneously decide to have a barbeque when the sun comes out. Although barbeques traditionally take place outdoors, there’s nothing wrong with having an indoor barbeque if it’s lashing down with rain outside!

Go to the beach

Summer can’t possibly be complete without a trip to the seaside! The beach is always full of couples and families, and there’s often loads to do. You could even try visiting a beach that’s different from the one you usually visit. Look for all the best attractions in the area, like the paddling pools, ice cream vans, boating lakes and arcades.

Play games

Outdoor games are fun in the summer, especially for children or young people. Badminton, football, tennis and rounders are popular summer games, but if it’s a particular bad summer and you’re trying to keep the kids entertained while they’re on holiday from school, buy some board games and play them indoors. It’s a great way to spend time with your children, it gives them something to do and it’s different from playing on their iPods and X-boxes!

Try something new!

Never been fishing? Buy some tackle and see if you can catch some fish in a local lake. Be careful that you get a fishing license and pay any fees which you might need to pay to fish in the lake. Once you’ve bought your fishing rod/pole and other accessories, fishing can be quite an inexpensive hobby but very enjoyable during the warm weather.

Sailing is also a great sport which many people have never tried. It’s different from driving a motor boat across the boating lake, and if the weather is right, sailing on a reservoir or lake can be one of the most thrilling experiences.

Go swimming

There’s no excuse not to go swimming during the summer, because even if it’s freezing cold and raining, you can visit your local swimming baths. Again, it’s a great activity for children, and it helps them to get active and keep fit too!

There are often outdoor pools if you go to the seaside when it’s sunny, and sometimes they’re free, so check it out if you do visit the beach one sunny day.

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