How to Exercise When You’re Really Busy

We all know exercise is very important in order to stay healthy, but when you’re trying to hold down a job, look after a family and have some free time to yourself, it’s difficult to squeeze in a bit of exercise each week. If you’re struggling to find the time to exercise, here are some helpful tips. 

healthy-living-womanStart off small

Start off exercising for just one day out of the week. If you have weekends off work and often find yourself lazing around the house and getting a bit bored, get outside for a 20 minute walk.

If you think you could manage two days a week, try that. You can eventually build this up, as a 30 minute walk for five days out of the week is a good stage to get to. During the week, you may only be able to go out walking and exercising for 15 minutes, but don’t worry about it being small, as you can always build it up.

Lunch breaks are also very useful for squeezing in a brisk walk. When your lunch break starts, you could go for a walk first and then come back and have something to eat. That walk will certainly give you an appetite!

Encourage family and friends

If you have a partner, room mate or family, encourage them to join you. Exercising is always much more fun if everybody is doing it, and it’s more motivational too. Exercise is great for kids, so get them away from their computers, iPads and televisions and outside getting fit and more active! Cycling, swimming and running are forms of exercises which kids tend to enjoy, and the local swimming baths probably offer family tickets and discounts.

Friends can be great exercise buddies too, and going for a jog with a mate can be much more enjoyable than going alone.

Go to a class

Exercises classes can be really fun, and you’ll get encouragement and motivation from others as well as meeting some new friends. The time can really fly by when you’re enjoying yourself in a Zumba or pilates class. Going with friends is also a good idea, especially as you can encourage each other if one of you is feeling tired or demotivated.

Stick to it!

The important thing is to decide you want to exercise every week and stick to it. Tell people that you’re doing it, as then you won’t be as likely to quit. Draw yourself a chart or a plan that you can tick every time you work out. You could even give yourself an incentive, for example, buy yourself a new outfit if you manage to stick to it for a month. If you think you’re the kind of person to get bored of doing the same exercise each day or each week, you can vary it. Find some local classes and go to those for a couple of days a week, go jogging for another two days and then visit the swimming baths on another day.

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