How To Get Over A Break Up

breakupGetting over a break up isn’t easy, and the longer you’ve been with the partner, it’s often harder to get over it. It can also be more tough if your partner was the one who ended it when you would have happily carried on in the relationship. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to get over a break up, and it may take a lot of time

Think about things

Although you may spend a good few hours sobbing initially, think about things afterwards. Think about what brought the break up about. If you get back with your partner, you can talk this through and also think about necessary steps to take in order to change whatever happened that ended it. You can think about things carefully and thoroughly, but don’t obsess over it, especially if you don’t feel that it’s worth it. Your partner may simply have wanted to move on or didn’t feel like you were the one.

Give yourself time

For some things, time is the only healer. Break ups are often very upsetting and distressing, and you shouldn’t expect to get over it within a couple of days. If you spent months, even years, with a partner, it’s likely to take weeks and even a couple of months before you feel ready to think about moving on. Give yourself this time, and be aware that you will get over it eventually.

Do other things

Don’t be tempted to stay at home every weekend alone eating takeaways or watching the television until the early hours of the morning. You have friends who probably want to help and support you through this tough time. Get in touch with them and see if they want to go and watch a film, meet up for a meal or even hit the town and have a wild party.

Try not to stalk your ex!

With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter taking over in modern times, it’s easier than ever to stalk your ex-partner and find out what they’re doing. While the temptation to do this is virtually irresistible, try to avoid it completely or do it very minimally, especially when you’ve first broken up. Reading nasty comments about you or finding out that your ex has found another partner will only add to your sorrows.

Don’t do anything hasty

Whatever you do, make sure you’re still able to think straight. This is where family and friends can be very helpful, as they can give you good advice that you might not otherwise get. Don’t immediately try to find another partner and don’t make any silly decisions that you’ll regret later!

Don’t change your mind

If the decision to break up was your decision, you probably did it for a reason. After being away from your ex-partner for a few days, you might start thinking that you made a mistake. If you do start thinking this, remember the reasons why you broke up. Things always seem better when you haven’t had to cope with them for a while.

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