How to Look Good Even if You Hate Being Photographed

Not all of us are happy in front of the camera. But how are you going to get rated if we can’t see you? As a photographer, I see this all the time and count myself among those of you who don’t like having their photograph taken.

There are a lot of bad habits us camera-shy people have that make us look bad in front of the lens. We’re going to talk about some of them today. It’s a sort of “what not to-do list” and could help those of you who like being photographed too.

Acting a Part

Unless you’re in a TV production or building a portfolio, be yourself. Don’t act, don’t pose too much and don’t pretend you’re someone else. A good photographer can bring out the best in you, even self-portraits can achieve the same. Relax, appear natural and let the camera do the work.

Hide Your True Feelings

Slightly contrary to the advice above we know, but you’ll see why. If you hate having your photograph taken it will probably show. You will slouch, pull a face or look unhappy, maybe even all three. Don’t, as the images will be poor and it will only enforce your unhappiness.

Instead, think of a happy time, like the last great meal you had, that date you went on at the weekend or think about playing with your dog and having a laugh. It can transform your face and make all the difference to the picture.

Control Your Nerves

It can be nerve wracking taking a picture, especially a self-portrait. If you’re planning to upload it here, it will be judged and that can add to the nerves. The answer to that is to take some exercise, go for a walk, or have your favourite music blasting in the background. Anything you find relaxing.

Take your time and take plenty of shots. There is bound to be one in there that will get you a 10!

Say No to DIY

Taking your own images is fine if you can multitask, but not so much if you’re planning to appear on Look at all the images we have on here that show the subject with the camera or the phone. You’re immediately distracted by what they are doing, which takes away from the image itself.

Find someone you trust, your best friend perhaps and have them help you. You can even take picture of each other and upload them both. If you’re comfortable with the person, they can also help you with the other points above, especially nerves.

When you’re happy with the pictures you’ve taken, upload them and let us rate them. There’s no point looking good if there’s nobody around to comment on them!

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