How to Look Your Best in Photos

We all want to look our best when the camera is pointed in our direction, especially if we’re being rated. With camera phones being everywhere, it’s difficult to be at your best all the time.

However, if you bear these tips in mind there is no reason why every shot of you cannot be a good one. Once you’ve practised these, don’t forget to upload the best ones to the site so we can all have a look!

out-n-about-n-looking-good-lindsay-lohan-11675507-616-900Playing the Angle

Knowing what angle looks best is essential if you’re to look your best. As a rule, being higher than the camera for a facial is a bad move. Nobody wants to see up your nose after all.

Try being below the camera looking up. Not only will your eyes pick up the light, your neck will stretch as well, making it look longer and smoother. If you have a cleavage to show, it’s also a great angle for that too.

Stand Tall

Standing tall in a long shot with your back straight, shoulders back and chest front and centre isn’t the most comfortable, but it comes across great in an image. Try one and see for yourself. Take a shot with you slouched and relaxed, then another standing up straight. You will see the latter looks more attractive by a long way!


Despite asking you to stand up straight in any full body shot, you need to relax in photos if you want to draw the viewer in. With the exception of posed shots, a calm, relaxed smile is very alluring and will get your ratings up in no time. We like happy people and are attracted to them. Unless you’re going for a sensual look, smile.


There are certain ways of standing that make you look slimmer and fitter. Twisting your body slightly towards the camera pulls in the stomach making it look flatter. Try putting one hand on your hip too. The arm looks slimmer and by resting your hand on your hips, you make your waist look smaller.

Standing with legs slightly apart is a commanding pose and if you’re a girl can be very sexy. You can add to that by standing in front of a light source with a see-through skirt on. Often, men like a hint of what’s there instead of being able to see it.

Those are just some of the many basic ways to get a great picture of yourself. If you’re serious about getting rated highly, practice them to see which works best. Then when you’re happy, upload them here for us to see!

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