Things To Watch Out For When On Dating Sites

laptoplyingdownFinding love online is becoming increasingly popular, and thousands of people each year go on dates with people they have met on the internet. It’s becoming the modern way of finding a partner, and while there are mainly genuine and fun people signed up to dating sites, there are still a few things you should be aware of when looking for love online.

Not everybody is genuine

Most are, but not all of them are genuine people. You should always be careful when contacting people online, and never give out any of your personal information, for example, where you live or the full names of other family members. You should also make sure that you’ve been talking to someone for a few weeks before arranging to meet up with them. If you notice anything strange or you feel uncomfortable with anything during the time you’re communicating with them, cut off all contact and move on to try and find somebody else.

People may look different from their pictures

People sometimes have a tendency to upload pictures which were taken a few years ago or capture them in a very flattering way. Don’t be too disappointed if the person you’re communicating with doesn’t look quite the same when you meet them in person. Hopefully, their personality will be fun, genuine and warm, and won’t be too different from the personality you’ve perceived when chatting to them via online messages.

Make sure you know what they’re looking for

You may be online looking for a long-term relationship or long-term friendship, whereas someone else online may be looking for a short-term meet-up or just sex. Make sure that you know what they’re looking for so you don’t end up meeting up with them and wasting your time with somebody who doesn’t have the same views as you do for the future.

Don’t be disappointed if their personality is different

People are often different when online than they are in person. Don’t be too disappointed if they don’t seem to make jokes as often or they don’t seem as loving. They may feel more brave online behind the security of the computer screen, or they may be better at making conversation when they’ve had a few minutes to think about it before responding, which is very different from a “real life” conversation where they have to respond directly after you. You’ll also get to see their body language, which can be very telling about a person.

Be careful when meeting up

If you’ve been chatting to someone for a few weeks and you mutually agree that you’d like to meet up somewhere, choose an appropriate place. Coffee shops and restaurants in the middle of a town or city are often great places to go for a date with someone you’re meeting online. Never ever invite someone to your house the first time you’re meeting them, and never accept an invite to go to their house either. Choose a neutral place somewhere busy, and don’t accept a lift home after the date.

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