Top Makeup Tips for Photographs

Getting the makeup right for a photo session is essential if you want to look your best. Your day to day look may serve you exceptionally well in real life but might not work quite so successfully in photographs. If you’re one of those who has to change it up for a photo, this is for you.

We talked to makeup experts for a well-known photographer in London and asked their makeup tips for camera work. Here’s what they said.

Makeup-TipsGo matte – Leave the shimmery finishes for the clubs and go matter for your eyes and cheeks. Shimmery products can look washed out under a flash, or at worst look greasy. Neither of which is going to look good in a photo. Matte is preferable, or a satin finish if you really have to.

Yellow is the way to go – A powder with a yellow tint works best under flash than a translucent one. If you wear the latter, you may find your face takes on a white cast in a photo shoot. Going yellow offsets the light and provides for a much more natural look.

Avoid sunscreen – Many foundations have SPF in them, which contains metal that can reflect the flash. They are another product that can make you look washed out.

Careful with concealer – It’s never a good idea to wear concealer if you’re planning on having photos taken. It stands out a mile when the flash goes off and can look worse than not wearing it at all. If you’re skilful with your products, you can blend it in, but only if you really have to.

Get ready in natural light – However practiced you are, getting ready in a natural light and getting ready under artificial light does produce different results. If you want to look your best, get ready by the window. Most professional makeup artists will find the biggest window and set up shop there, follow their lead for best results.

Practice – If you know you’re going to be in some photographs, get some practice in first. Do your face, then take some shots, you would be surprised at the results. One of the artists in this interview said she never knew she applied eye shadow much heavier on her right eye and her right lip as she was right handed.

Practicing also allows you to experiment with different colour combinations. Taking photos of yourself allows you to see what others will see before they actually do. Just don’t be too hard on yourself!

When you have the shots you can be proud of, don’t forget to upload them here for us to rate!

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