Top Tips For Planning a Summer Wedding

Winter weddings in the snow can be beautiful, but most couples opt for a June or July wedding where there’s a high chance that the sun will shine down all day long. Sunny wedding days mean beautiful pictures in the grounds of the hotel, church or other venue. It also means you don’t have to worry too much about wrapping up warm in order to keep yourself from being cold! Read on to find the top tips for when planning a wedding in the summer time.


Start early

If something is popular, you need to start planning early in order to book the things that you want before everybody else gets there first. Venues are often booked very early, so if you have a favourite church or hotel that you’d like to book, make sure you book it as early as possible. Starting early also gives you time in case anything goes wrong and you need a few extra weeks to sort something out.

Check out the latest trends

For brides who like to be fashionable and stay on trend, check out what’s trending in terms of the style of your wedding dress, colours, flowers and even the bridesmaids dresses.

However, if you don’t follow fashion and you want your wedding to be exactly as you want it and not what the current trends are, look online for some different ideas and pick the ones you like. If you really like a very different and specific style, you may struggle to find your perfect dress, as the more rare styles are obviously not as widely available.

Again, if you start planning earlier rather than later, you’ll have lots of time to shop around and travel distances if you need to get items which are hard to find.

Think about holidays

Bear in mind that summer is the time most people go on holiday. If you’re planning well ahead of the wedding and you have at least nine months to a year to plan, let the most important people know when your wedding will be (or a rough date). You will probably want all your relatives to attend, so make sure you call them or write to let them know. Your close friends will also be very welcome at your wedding, so tell them not to book any holidays around the date of your wedding!

Consider everything

Even though it’s summer time, there’s still the possibility of rain. Be very careful if you’re planning a wedding which is based mainly outdoors, as it could all go horribly wrong if it starts to rain. Make sure you have a cardigan or shawl to wear too, as you don’t want your bare arms exposed to any cold weather as you’re entering and leaving the wedding venue. Consider the bridesmaids too, and make sure they are going to be sufficiently warm if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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