Ways To Improve Your Brain Power

We’d all like to be a bit more clever, have a better memory or solve puzzles a bit better. It’s not true that you’re born either clever or not clever – you can actually do things to improve your brain power. You might not become Einstein overnight, but you can certainly enhance your brain.


Sleep really can work wonders, and it’s a good idea to get enough sleep every day. If you have something the next day that will require lots of brain power, for example, an exam or a presentation at work, make sure you get to bed early to ensure you get enough sleep. You may be feeling a bit stressed, so you might have to lie there for an hour or so before finally drifting off. Be careful if you’re studying or working late and then going straight to bed, as your mind will be busy and this may prevent you from falling asleep straight away.

Eat nuts and berries

Nuts and berries, particularly blueberries, are great snacks for boosting your brain power. Don’t overeat them though – the idea is that you have a “snack”, which could be a small handful of nuts and/or berries. Dark chocolate can also be good for helping your brain to work more effectively, and bananas are considered great for helping you to relax.

Eat a healthy diet in general

There’s no quick fix to making yourself feel great, but if you consistently eat good foods, you’ll feel much better. You’ll also find that your brain works really well, which is very useful if you’re a student or you have a job which requires a lot of brain power!

Keep away from alcohol and other unhealthy stuff!

Alcohol isn’t good for you, especially if you’re trying to stay healthy and keep your brain in gear. That’s the reason why teachers, parents and experts encourage teenagers and young people to steer clear of alcohol while they’re at college and university studying. Drinking regular alcoholic drinks just isn’t beneficial to helping your brain stay focused, healthy and full of power.


People who rush around and get themselves stressed out tend to have the worst brain power. You should try to find time to relax every day, and even attend some meditation classes if you feel like you really want to calm yourself down. You can find meditation classes in your area which will encourage you to relax and be calm, not only during the classes but throughout each day too. Going for an easy stroll or jog is also a good idea.

Do some brain training!

Many people think brain training games are just a bit of a scam, but they can actually work. There are lots of apps you can download which have activities that can help to train your brain to work better. Doing some brain training puzzles every day can keep your brain active and improve your logic.

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