How To Increase Your Photo Rating

Different pictures of yourself can get very different ratings. Here are some good ways of getting a higher photo rating:

  • Upload a picture of JUST YOU in it. Avoid pictures with other people and pets.
  • Take out any fancy graphics that you may have added. People want to see you, not your photoshop skills.
  • Take the photo on a good digital camera with a good resolution. Don't use a cheap phone camera, or even worse, a webcam.
  • Make sure the photo is at an optimum size, a good size is 500*600 pixels. Don't take small photos, no one can see them properly!
  • Upload more than one photo, this way people won't judge your looks from just one photo.
  • Increase how many people view your profile - this is easy, simply link back to your profile from other social networks you belong to, using the embed link under your photo in your profile.
  • Add a photo description, this will link your profile/photo to the photo tag section, meaning more profile views.
  • Comment on other members photos, this means people will come back to your profile and rate you.
  • Smile! Looking directly at the camera and smiling will make you look nicer!