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Wed, Feb 12, 2014 00:46:58

you look great gave you a 10

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Joined From:Fri, Dec 07, 2012
Location: United States, South Carolina, greenville
Self Description:ohkay here goes... My name is Haley. im the kind of girl who can relate to everyboy in some shape or form.. i have all different kinds of friends (preps, scene, emo, goth, smart, jock, and then the one that dont fit in any catergory.) im a very well-rounded person(no! that does not mean im fat) it means i like different things and am not afraid to show it. im a very organized person.. when i feel like it.. im a outside girl and not afraid to get dirty.. if im wiht my friends and we have an urge to go running thru the nieghborhood barefoot during the rain.. ill do it.. even tho i like the outside better.. im mainly inside.. some people call me a poser because of all the different styles i have but im not.. im just misunderstood.. but anybody who talks behind by back can kiss my azz when their back there cause i don give a fuk.. im a usually happy person and cant hold a grudge for nothing... im usually very cool and laid back... but when im not... im not funn to be around.. when im mad i say things i dont mean and usually pay the price for it later but hey.. my whole life revolves around knee-jerk reactions... its who i am... i speak my mind and usually get in trouble because of that.. but i honestly dont care.

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Relationship Status:Ope to all thigs
Interested In:Both
Looking For:Friedship
Education:High school graduate

What I Like

What Turns Me Off:Cat say because its mea..
Favourite Music:coutry, old rap, emiem, hip hop, pop
Hobbies:Desigig, walkig, cookig, cuttig hair, est.
Drink:Dr. Pepper :O