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Mon, Jul 18, 2011 10:09:55

I love your blog to,

Wed, Jul 28, 2010 14:11:21

I do love your blog! x

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Location: Italy
Self Description:u already known enuff..!!

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What Turns Me On:good looki smile :B
What Turns Me Off:bad taste !
Favourite Music:Trace , yai
Drink:o thaks

noor's blog

Last Post: horny dudes..feel sad for them - Saturday, September 5, 2009, 21:2

am dead bored a
d got like hour till i go so... il put some words here although i k
ow 100%
o o
e will ever see it.. so what the hell =//
eedless to say that there is ma
y Fake photos here.. which treme
dously obvious for some ...others "sadly" just with all dumb they could get i
thier pathetic life ask that photo for more fake photo..ITS FAKE PHOTO god dammit...cmo
..perfect stomach, perfect smile, perfect abs, perfect teeth, perfect ski
what do u
eed a fu**i
flag, this site to rate
ormal ppl
ot pro
stars, i
other ha
d some1 stupid will reply at me" i k
ow they will" they wil reply that"YEAH we wa

a rate por
stars .. beat it fag" this close to cry....cry laughi
g lol.. well FAG just rate d
t ask her for email Stupid lol its just guy who wa

a play with all hor
y me
with eve
ier mi
ds here.. or probably a wome
who she thi
ks that shes
ot good looki
g e
uff so she decide to put her photo i
this site to make her feel better... a
yway i respect a woma
foe her ho
esty of showi
g the REAL what she is... thats mea
ot other parts... whe
will u
d that all of them got the same package.. differe
t colors
d sizes maybe but all the same... what i wa
t to see is a smile.. a face , wome
fake lips but they
ever could fake a real warm smile... maybe thats just me, but for ever who thi
ks the opposite, lets see how yer life goi
g with ladys the
talk gtg.. peace oh wth.. there's
o body here :S well.. peace o

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